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We started MAQ My Aquaponics in 2016 after learning that growing our own food should be easy and takes less from our time and energy and from our environmental resources such as electricity and water.

Through trial and error, and plenty of experience in using a wide variety of materials, we have perfected our methods in setting up aquaponics solutions. Our systems don’t just work – they also look good. 

Our team has been certified by Murray Hallam, an international Aquaponics Guru, on their knowledge in setting up Aquaponics systems for both home & commercial use.

Our vision “1 Place 1 Aquaponics “ is to encourage people to produce sustainable healthy and tasty (natural) food for their own consumption or to start a business.

Founders of MAQ

Aquaponics Systems Provider, Malaysia

Our Portfolio

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Our latest addition

Bukit Tiara

Berdine 64 – treated pinewood

Various Places

Cassia 6 – treated pinewood


Euthenia 170

Wangsa Baiduri

Berdine 128

Various Places

Della | Customisation

Our Product Range


Grow up to 16 small plants


Grow up to 170 plants


Grow up to 8 plants


Grow up to 160 plants


Grow up to 8 small plants. Limited stock


Custom Designs

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