Fish Feed

Based on our aquaculture experience, our recommended feeding ratio (based on 40 fish) for tilapia and other larger fish will require the following: 

Auto-Feeder Guide (Jebao)

For easy understanding we have numbered the controls from as shown.

  1. Clock
  2. Timer (Time & Feed quantity)
  3. Set key
  4. Volume (each 1 = 10 gms)
  5. Manual Feeding
  6. Run (confirm setting)

Clock/Time setting:

  1. Press 1 to check the actual timePress 3 to install
  2. After the blink time, press 1 to adjust the time.
  3. Press 2 to adjust the minutes.
  4. Press 6 to confirm.

Feeding time setting:

  1. Press 2 to enter the feeding time setting (you can set feeding of up to 6 times in a day).
  2. Press 3 to set up feed times. After the number of flashing time, press 2  to adjust the feeding time you want.
  3. Press 3 to move the next feeding time setting.
  4. Select the -.- key to choose no feed
  5. Set feed intake at one time to release food
  6. Press 4 to set the feed volume.
  7. Press 3 to set the feed
  8. Press 4 to adjust arbitrarily. Then press 3 to switch to the next adjustment.
  9. After each time, confirm the feed volume and press 6 to exit.
  1. Erro means food maybe stuck at the base of the food bucket.
  2. To remove the food bucket, power off the auto-feeder.
  3. Remove the internal locking mechanism at the base of the bucket.
  4. Twist the food bucket and clean the bucket.
  5. Install back the food bucket and test.
  6. Recommended cleaning of auto-feeder on a monthly basis.

LED light blinking

  1. Led indicator if blinking red means batteries are running low.
  2. Replace with DC 6V (Type C 1.5V) dry batteries

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